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The Magic Middlebox is a tool based on Gentoo Linux which provides a Tor middlebox to a network of servers. It hides these servers behind itself and the Tor network. It works by using Tor to provide a transperant proxy. All routed traffic is redirected through the transparent proxy. The effect is that it creates a middlebox which puts network traffic over Tor.

We can provide you with your own Magic Middlebox stack so you can start adding servers. We are also developing a Tor process manager. To provide service we require the Gentoo liveCD is booted on the target system, with networking and SSH configured. Give me the details and I'll turn the system into a Magic Middlebox.

Once configured the Magic Middlebox will allow you to seperate your servers and IP address information with physical hardware or virtualization. This security layer will allow you to use the Tor network without the usual risks involved using the browser bundle. It allows advanced features to be used when on Tor for an enhanced experience.

To get started with Magic Middlebox contact John Tate on john at today. It is offered at a low price of $120 AUD per install.

Magic Middlebox uses a minimal Gentoo base with 243 packages 2-5gb of hard drive space. Installation of Magic Middlebox is done by myself personally over SSH. Once ready Magic Middlebox has some scripts to make things easier.

Magic Middlebox technically supports I2P tunneling and this can be implemented for a customer. Many features can be added by a customer themselves. Anything in Gentoo can be provided as an extra feature.

Magic Middlebox comes with support for a Tor transparent proxy and a NTP time proxy which redirects all time requests to OpenNTPD. The date is set by TLS timestamps on remote servers. This time is provided to clients on the guest network.

Contact me at john at to get Magic Middlebox.